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> [It seems odd to put Kava in the bath rather than the
body, but what do I know? maybe she means take it if you feel agitated
while sitting i the bath]<

What is Kava, and what is GABA?
But that paragraph describing why the baths are so effective sure hit home 
here, because I do really feel better after soaking a while these days, 
especially once my body and skin begins really going beserk feeling.
Thanks a lot for this note- it's a good one and helpful to me at this 
particular moment in time. I don't know about how well the GABA might or 
might not be for my liver though, so I must look it up online I suppose, 
answer my own darn questions.

Peace and love,

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I don't know how any of this would go down with a compromised liver.
But a bodyworker friend of mine from California sent us Julie Ross'
Mood Cure, which has the following detox suggestions for coming off
painkillers.  Please, if anyone with more scientific training knows
whether anything below might interfere with the metabolisation of
nor-Ibogaine, please speak up:

In her chapter on Nutritional Rehab, see p. 279 for "The Detox Box"
which advises a list of "natural strategies you can use at home to
help through the discomforts of early withdrawal from opiate and
benzodiazepines.   Do not go thru a potentially dangerous detox
without medical backup and reliable people in the house with you."

A)  Two baths per day for three to four days, then once a day until
detox discomfort is over.   Include 4 cups of Epsom salts, digestive
enzymes (empty 4 capsules or 2 enzyme teabags in the  bathwater), 3
droppers of Kava extract if you feel agitated, and 2 bags of Detox Tea
by Traditional Medicinals.  (That's from Sebastopol, and is in the
health food store).  Baths are not only soothing, they help your skin
detox along with your liver, and reduce the overacidity of your body,
which causes much of the distress in detox  Scrub well under a shower
afterward.  [It seems odd to put Kava in the bath rather than the
body, but what do I know? maybe she means take it if you feel agitated
while sitting i the bath]

B)  Take Alka-Seltzer Gold to furth alkanize (deacidify) your system.

C)  If you have or can find a holistic doctor who is set up to
administer IV drips, ask for daily infusions of vitamins and vinerals
for your first week of detox with extra Vitamin C (and Amine Free, an
amino acid injectable blend).  The Meyers Cocktail is a good basic
recipe that such docs are familiar with.  Otherwise, take vitamin C,
1000 mg. per hour, powder or capsules, to bowel tolerance (until your
bowels become loose).

D)  GABA 500 mg capsules, (1-2 at a time) as needed, up to four times
a day, specifically to help with early detox symtpoms (anxiety,

E)  Noni juice (medicinal juice from a tropical fruti) -- 2
tablespoons (it's nasty tasting), then 1 tablespoon every four hours
until detox is over.

F)  Daily massage

G)  Ear acupuncture:  raises endorphin levels and reduces some of the
early, and lots of the later, detox discomfort.

love from ny, rachel

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