[Ibogaine]Preston's detox(jeff's question?)

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sat Apr 16 21:39:49 EDT 2005

>I'm going back to playing Doom 3 now.<

Activision sent me the new x=-box version but I'm stilll playing Operation 
Snowblind- lpus I got it just a few days before taking ibogaine so didn't 
want to influence my visions by playing such a "scary" videogame right off 
the bat.

>I'm really wondering if I would have the dedication to go through with
all that.<

Trust me Vector, everyone has a breaking point I suppose, and I sure was at 
one of mine, over it actually. I had to do that ibogaine right then at that 
very fucking moment or I was going to not be around much longer, and I say 
that pretty openly and honestly.
    I'm going through all these conflicted emotions about should I try 
getting off the opiates for good, but I'm fucking hurting all the time, even 
now. I of course did over 30 on Wednesday, including a couple of hits of six 
at once, and one of seven (V woke up to my hear lying on the beeping 
computer keyboard) so way over did it Wednesday, but I have never ever been 
so sick, and as soon as my friend said there's only one other way to get it 
in me, I knew exactly what he meant and knew sticking a little baby syringe 
up my ass was EASY compared to what I was going through. I was a completely 
fucked up mess and must have been one ugly looking person at that moment.
    But after chewing dramamine instead of what ibo friend gave me for 
anti-nasea (hint, get rid of that useless shit guys) and doing it up my butt 
I was off and gone- lots of places few of them very fun but none of them 
really very scary per se- but alot of war imagery (just read somewhere we 
all suffer latent catastrophobia and that causes all to seek the worst 
possible outcome for the Earth all the time- interesting theory in light of 
all my apocolyptic visions), and a lot of space imagery, and strange 
unexplainable things too. Also saw a lot of aborigine/american indian/native 
peoples living free and easy with their surroundings and the planet itself, 
but also saw those supposedly great civilizations like the Egyptians who 
invented wheels and chariots for war and masses armies against all around 
them, along with others too. I was a lot of what happened with the native 
types met up against the wheeled warrior types (as in aborigines and 
american indians.
    Ok, that's it, no more tonight., I'm tired but am going to try to go out 
and actually dj very much later tonight, around 2 or so, at the slipper room 
in LES if anyone is around. I'll be there earlier but not much.

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
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> This list goes from being the greatest collection of interesting people
> and useful info I've ever found online, to being.........insane. There
> is no other word to describe what happens here.
> This is I think the first in depth enema conversation I've read. I've
> seen enema messages go by hunderds of time, but not exactly like these
> messages.
> I'm really wondering if I would have the dedication to go through with
> all that.
> Am I being immature or not sensitive if I admit I am sitting here
> laughing and then wondering if I should be laughing at all the
> sensitive enema and candle messages.
> I'm going back to playing Doom 3 now.
> Preston with friends like these I hope you do well with ibogaine, maybe
> you can write it up in a article :)
> .:vector:.
> --- Todd Morgan <sovntm at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Oh...for love of god mate....
>> I think would have stayed hooked.
>> :-)
>> you guys fucking I crack me up... I swear....
>> --- MrPure at aol.com wrote:
>> > Jeff,
>> > I will pass on all the thoughts and prayers from the
>> > list, and post an
>> > updated shortly.
>> > To answer your question, Jeff, the Millard method
>> > comes from Preston's  iboga
>> > brother.  He named it this after my treatment
>> > because I could not  keep the
>> > medicine in my stomach.  so we used baby
>> > syringes(minus the  needle...ouch) and
>> > filled them with the ibogaine, inserted and squeezed
>> > the  medicine in.  for
>> > me all the nausea left me and i had a very
>> > comfortable  ride...!
>> > talk to you all soon, peace.
>> > James
>> >
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