[Ibogaine]Preston's detox(jeff's question?)

Lee Albert myeboga at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 15 11:19:34 EDT 2005

Hi James,
I have a question for you on the anal use of ibogaine:
Did you use a higher dose and if so by what percentage? 10%?

I ask this as my understanding is the dose should be higher when taking rectally.

MrPure at aol.com wrote:
I will pass on all the thoughts and prayers from the list, and post an updated shortly.
To answer your question, Jeff, the Millard method comes from Preston's iboga brother.  He named it this after my treatment because I could not keep the medicine in my stomach.  so we used baby syringes(minus the needle...ouch) and filled them with the ibogaine, inserted and squeezed the medicine in.  for me all the nausea left me and i had a very comfortable ride...!
talk to you all soon, peace.

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