[Ibogaine]Preston's detox(jeff's question?)

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It is absorbed through the intestinal lining in much the same way as it is
absorbed through the lining in the stomach.  After passing through the
lining, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, travels about the body, passes
through kidneys, liver, etc.  Just as it would if ingested orally.
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I prefer my wine red, Sideways, and with cheese.  Please!

But I'm flashing on a Kamlet-ism at the February Forum (which we still
need to raise some money on, btw!) -- that said such a dosing route
made little sense.   How does the medicine get from the ass to the
liver to be metabolized into nor-ibogaine?  Physiologically
speaking... Am I misremembering that Jeff and Margo and anyone else
who was paying attention?    love and polkadots, rachel

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