[Ibogaine]Preston's detox(jeff's question?)

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Fri Apr 15 10:57:35 EDT 2005

In a message dated 4/15/05 8:22:14 AM, freedomroot at gmail.com writes:

>But I'm flashing on a Kamlet-ism at the February Forum (which we still
>need to raise some money on, btw!) -- that said such a dosing route
>made little sense.   How does the medicine get from the ass to the
>liver to be metabolized into nor-ibogaine?  Physiologically
>speaking... Am I misremembering that Jeff and Margo and anyone else
>who was paying attention?    love and polkadots, rachel

By absorption.  Works like a charm.  Virtually the same onset as oral.  While 
this method may overcome vomiting.  One must always be aware of the warning 
cry, "Thar she blows"...  It does happen but, usually with some 
control...."I've gotta go"    "The hell you do mate.  Where's the cork?"  Anyway more about 
the ducky and the gangs of iboganaught gangs roaming Dutch cities later.


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