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thx Nick I appreciate it :-)
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    Matt if You want to be killed continue Your search for a doctor, THEY all are serial killers.  on the other hand if You want to heal Yourself purchase a zapper and kill the parasites that are responsible for Your chest pains.  in any event read a book by  Roberta Hulda Clark called "the cure for all diseases" 1995.  She gives the plans to build Your own zapper in the book, would cost You about $25 or buy one from many zapper manufacturers here is the best one imo http://worldwithoutparasites.org/  I have become the largest seller of zappers in the province of saskatchewan canada.  I was 375 lbs when I first read Clark's books, today I am less then 200 :-)  have enabled dozens of people to cure Themselves of dozens of supposedly incurable diseases from AIDS, HEP-C, CANCER etc etc. it is a far differant world then We were all brought up to believe it is.  9-11-01 was the last day I shaved swearing to not shave again until GWB went to jail for allowing those attacks to happen.  no one believed Me then now it seems that almost everyone belileves Me.  can't wait for humanity to awaken to everything else I have become aware of since My investigations into 9-11.  is no wonder THEY tell Us not to believe anything We read, especially if We read it on the internet cause everyuthing I read all sais about the same!
    Gary Clement
    (306) 359-0724
    regina sk
    p.s. am looking for a supplier of ibogaine so I may help many people with Their addictions--------------------------------------------------------------=[/  

    Hey Gary,

    I like what you write. You can find ibogaine suppliers listed at www.ibogaine.co.uk/options.htm

    All the best and it would be nice to hear how it goes if you start treating or supplying with ibogaine

    Nick Sandberg 
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