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I had a friend who was diagnosed with something called pleursy, apparently
its an irritation of the lining of the lungs. He sought a second opinion
and was told they were panic attacks, Doctor perscribed Xanax. I
occasionally have chest pains but I haven't really looked into to much, do
you smoke cigarettes? I think Nicotine may have something to do with my
own problems, perhaps I should seek a 'professional opinion'. In any case,
I guess my point here is that Doctor's can't really seem to agree on
anything. I don't even know how important this reply will be, or if it's
of any importance at all, but I'd be interested to hear peoples replies on
the different opinions of Doctors...

> Hi
> Thank you for the information i will go do the tests you sugested. When i
> went for a follow up with to my doctor she was under the opinion that the
> persistent pain is caused my the muscles around the heart.  I had another
> EKG on fri so i will know the results next week.  She also said the
> peridictis was only a guess by the cardiologist since the EKG and holter
> monitor didnt show it.  The pain i have is mild with sudeen sharp piercing
> stabs yet the area around the heart is very tight, very compresed which is
> uncomftorable but not unberable.  Does this sound like peridictis>? My
> doctor said definetly No but as a doctor she is very incompetent and is
> very lax in her whole profession.  However i do alot of physical activity
> and exercise and the pain does not get any worse infact i would say it is
> non existent when i exercise so I dont know what to think.  I will do the
> tests next week.  Thank you.
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> Apr 2005 13:17:56 EDT > >The definitive test is an echo cardiogram. The
> most common cause is a viral >infection as simple as a common cold. The
> blood test done is an ESR ( >erytrocyte sedimentation rate0 the ESR is
> elevated with pericarditis. The treatment >is w/ NSAID's such as
> indomethacin. It usually goes away by itself in a month >or two. If it
> get worse it can cause problems. Heart tumors can do it also >but the
> echo will see if there are any tumors . > >The sac around the heart
> (pericardial sac) gets inflammed and produces >inflamatory fluid to build
> up between the sac and the outside of the heart muscle. >The critical
> factor is how much  fluid is present. The amount of fluid is >determined
> by the echo. Get a stat echo and you will know what is up. Do not >take
> Ibo while you have pericarditis . good luck. > > >Dr. Strange Free
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