[Ibogaine] desyrel and xanax during ibogaine?

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 7 02:40:41 EDT 2005

Hi ,

We are talking about two different products and two different ways of
Please don't mix it up. Iboga total extract has more alkaloids then one 
And I work with medicinal use of Cannabis, which also work on the benzo 
Withdrawals. So it is a combination of things that I'm using, not  just a
single dose of Ibogaine. Stopping in one time  with benzo can cause a panic

but if you want to take ibogaine for Methadone habit,
you have to wait until you are sick of the withdrawals, really showing 
the withdrawals and that can take sometimes three days after the last dose
of methadone. Waiting 24 hours is not long enough most of the times.
If the medication should be taken with food then you have a problem,
You must think about vomiting while taking Ibogaine eating and your

You must think that the medication is not liver friendly and 
The liver will work hard while detox. as well as the kidneys.
It will not be easy for the body and the body will need more
Supplements to support the liver.


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Onderwerp: Re: [Ibogaine] desyrel and xanax during ibogaine?

Hi Pam, thanks and sorry, let me try to be a little more clear. We know
about the methadone and switching to short acting opiates before. What the
question was about is continuing to take Desyrel (325mg) and Xanax (4mg) as

The conversations here have been different with some of the healers like
Sara saying ibogaine works for benzos (tell me if I mis quoted you Sara, I
do remember you saying this) and the MD's saying it does not.

Whatever way it works, she doesn't intend to stop everything all at once,
the question was: is it safe to continue taking Desyrel and Xanax while
doing the ibogaine. I know people are routinely on Xanax or Valium while
doing ibogaine so I am guessing that one is fine. Does the Desyrel interact
with anything that makes it necessary to stop taking it prior to ibogaine or
can she stay on both?


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