[Ibogaine] sucesfull sesion.......

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Sun Apr 3 15:02:45 EDT 2005

So good to hear from you.  Glad you are OK.


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>Hi people :}
>Yestarday i had a little sesion...Very strange experience when compared
>to my first....less visions more rationlizing and analzying.The god damm
>taste--fuck me-----One thing worth mentioning ----i found my self in a
>vast emerald jungle thick with folage --an amorphous spirit appeared....For
>some reason i knew it was the spirit of eboga--- it changed into a huge
>oversized frog and looks at me with a  shake of a head s shaking poiting
>at eboga on the ground saying people think that just because it is a plant
>it has no validity in teaching people how to live a full live, they dont
>know that this is just a shape a form i chose to be in ......i could be
>anything i wanted i am the bigest magican your world has ever seen......
>Alright signing off......I LOVE EACH AND EVERYWONE OF U --stay 
>the fucken taste oh im going to go mad!!!!!!!!!!!

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