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thank you julie , ron
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  I think there were some posts earlier today about Ibo and benzos, and the common consensus seems to be that Ibo doesn't relieve benzo withdrawal- something about acting on different receptors.

  I have heard benzo withdrawal is way worse than opiate, and am so thankful I haven't had to go through that.  I have also heard some 'messages from the underground' about using GHB to combat both benzo and alcohol withdrawal, but these claims seem to be only partially substantiated.  Search for an Italian study about GHB and alcohol withdrawal- check Entrez Med, or PubMed.

  Quite honestly, most doctors don't know shit about withdrawal, unless they are an expert in that area.  Like you said, many of them are out to line their pocketbooks, and to evade prosecution.  You will probably find more real information from someone who has already kicked benzos.  There are a few good forums online, but I forget the addresses.  I'll look into it for you.

  cheers, Julie

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