[Ibogaine] Please light a candle- Treatment tonight

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
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so w/o sounding like the "man' how do i fall into this stuff before i die?   or is it too soon to ask?  i'm cooked, got a professional license on the line and may lose it all. rd  thought metaphysical would impress the unimpressible, whoops.. i w/n know a good night's sleep if it bit me on the tail. h/n had rem sleep in yrs. thanks for the responses.
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  Well, I've been called a red neck but never metaphysically inclined. It is a new day in the world. It works, I've been doing dope almost as long as you, I started in 72. I kicked a real nasty methadone habit 3 weeks ago. Total today I slept for about 9 and a half hours. No way when I kicked before without Ibo could I sleep for 9 hours after 3 weeks. I couldn't sleep for three months. No kidding. There is a ton of info out there on Ibogaine. Do a google or just look around. I studied up for a year before the current situation created an opportunity for me. Be specific with any questions and I'm sure I or someone else will answer them. There is so much I don't know what to tell you. But guy, I can tell you, it works.  Randy  PS I'm losing track of all the new people so excuse me if I repeat myself. O yea some one else from the south. Are yall paying attention to this? 
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