[Ibogaine] Dear Charlie - Ibuprofin

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 24 09:58:37 EDT 2004

Hi Charlie,
FYI, they have Ibuprofin with hydrocodone.  7.5 mg or hydrocodone and I forget how much Ibuprofin.  But they are VERY expensive.  You can maybe check tham out on drugstore.com
Hope it helps.
  - JIM

Charliedog43 at aol.com wrote:
Not in these parts. Like I mentioned before, i'm 47 and have never even seen any "H", which really was definately a good thing. It would definately have to be something less potent, hence my problem taking anything with acetaminophen . If I took like 10 LT"s (or something similar) that would be 6500 mg. of acetaminophen, not too good for the old liver, perhaps even deadly. The strongest thing I could probaby find would be oxy's. Don't know if they'd work or not???

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