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Hey Randy,
        Don't think that at some point that issue hadn't been a concern.  If you want a number of months to mark on your calendar as "Day of Hoplesness, noribogaine leaves brain!, I may be able to give you one, however considering the variables in the human body on a case to case basis you may very well be cheating yourself out of some good days!!  Another example I noticed of what's your strength vs. the noribogaine.  Not too many days ago in a matter of MINUTES you went from bouncing off of walls(one of my favorite expressions) feeling like you HAD TO HAVE medication or relief from what the physicall discomfort you were in, to appearing to be completely calm and grounded.  Talking about your music and the realization that you now possessed a future to once again take it on.  You made references to what your capabilities and intentions were for your future. You also mentioned quite a few more possibilities when you were in NYC.  You exhibited great strength. You were also surrounded by a network of support.
        I believe words, thoughts and deeds are the same as prayers.  It's all about intention.  If your intention is to go back to being addicted in a certain week in a certain month, you could very well manifest it.  I believe we can attract our fears and give them life. So why not use your powers for good.  
        Like myself you have a supportive family,  talents, possibilities and a shit load of hope.  I think the idea is to take this gift and get into a mental, emotional and spiritual position where going back is not an option!  Just as in the past my intention was to have the ability,creativity, drive, persistance,money, luck and skill to maintain the life of a professional, functional addict, I feel I can  use all these same qualitites to be productive.  My point being is if you can do the things it took to be an addict, you also have what it takes to succeed. Fuck statistics, other peoples fears and all the what if's in the world that won't manifest if you ignore them.  
        All I know is all those qualities I mentioned made me a very successfull, safe and lucky functional addict.  So I believe my intentions worked then,they will also work from here on out.  The formula is the same.
         What is the 4th step anyway?     
                                                                     With all respect and sincerity,
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  Has anyone got any new information on noribogaine and how long it stays in your body? Post Ibogaine is looking pretty good to me now. I don't want this to stop. Now I'm thinking of that. I'm neurotic and an addict or I wouldn't be here.     Randy 
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