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Don't get me stated about aftercare. We need to pass on what we learn and 
establish real protocol on aftercare esp. for Methadone. And I want in on it. I 
got plans that won't be stopped. I've stopped once for 10 years without Ibo and 
once just now with Ibo and there is truly no comparison. Of course 6 of those 
years I was addicted to Oxy's and heroin. I started methadone this time when 
I found out I had Hep C and I truly thought I was going to die because some of 
my friends had and I don't see how they could have shot more dope and drank 
as much alcohol as me. I'm lucky, I went thru the Hep C protocol and my liver 
is checking out completely normal. No sign of Hep C. So when I knew I wasn't 
gonna die I knew I had to get off methadone. Took a year to get the Ibogaine. I 
wasn't gonna even try without it. It was way too much last time.    Randy
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