[Ibogaine] Dear Charlie

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At least you got into H AFTER you finished Uni.  I got into it at 19 just as
I started Uni so there went all my student loans etc and 3 universities
later and 5yrs of wasted lifelessness and I'm still no further on!  So don't
feel bad girl-you still did better than me! (not that it takes much! ;-)

Love Hannah
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> Charlie,
> I feel for you.  I got myself into this mess by doing
> H- started 4 years ago, when I was 22, and just outta
> university.  Hey, it was cool, and felt good.
> Four years of my life slipped by, and I was in a
> complete daze.  I accomplished very little, and
> certainly did NOT enrich my life, mind, or soul...not
> to mention the body part- I'm so afraid my
> neurochemicals will never straighten out.
> Charlie, methadone DOES work for pain- it's commonly
> prescribed to people post-chemotherapy, or to
> chronically ill, hospice patients.  While I was on it,
> it very effectively masked a severe tooth problem I
> had; in fact, it was the tooth pain MORE than the
> residual withdrawal that drove me back into the arms
> of methadone after my first Ibo detox.
> What's your daily dosage of methadone?  Why did they
> (the docs) decide to give you methadone?  Methadone is
> super long lasting, with only LAAM, and I think one
> other opiate, beating it out.  So, in a sense, it does
> make sense, but only if they warned you about the
> hazards of long term methadone use.  DID they warn
> you?
> Julie
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