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Sat Oct 9 13:50:07 EDT 2004

Hi Rachel,

Sorry it took so long for me to get back.  I am glad Ann jumped in with her 
empathetic support.  I would say that my Mom took the stance that there was 
nothing about ibogaine that was scarier than see me live in my forties the way I 
did in my thirties.  In those ten years I contracted HIV and HepC, in the last 
year overdosed nine times, was homeless on the West Coast..you get the idea.

It is right and sane to be concerned about ibogaine I believe. As you know 
there have been a handful of deaths over the years, probably due to addicts 
bringing opiates into their treatments. It is so vital to make square that there 
is absolutely no presence of drugs (or booze) available during treatment. 
Herbal assistance was fine from my experience, but that's it. Period. Opiates, 
coke, pills..could surely lead to death.

In a way I made a risk/benefir ratio before using ibogaine, did a hell of a 
lot of research (have you been to the ibogaine.mindvox site)? and came down on 
the side of ibogaine. I tired 12 step, therapy, halfway houses, 30 day 
treatments..it goes on and on.

I presented it all to my parents. While still very concerned, they agreed 
that there was nothing scarier about ibogaine than living the life of a 
crackhead/junkie.  I applaud you and your son for investigating this amazing addiction 

Enough outta me,
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