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Hi Randy,What I normally do is a strong pot of tea, cannabis anis ginger and
one tables spoon of olive oil .you cook the ginger with anis seeds first,
You set it on simmer heat , you put about 5grams or more per pot tea you add
the olive oil and keep on this low heat for about 15 minutes.
You put some honey in your cup and drink as much as you need some people
start tripping on this tea, so stay at home when you do it, don't forget to
take hot baths. Tell me how it works for you, It takes two weeks to feel the
energy coming back. 
Good luck, Randy! 

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Hey all, I'm having a real problem with residual withdrawals. Nothing major
just little twinges but its bugging the hell out of me. They come back about
48 hours after a booster. I'm blessed with a very good source for cannabis
but that just doesn't cut it. Maybe Sara can help me. Is it better to make
butter and eat it as opposed to smoking it?I would appreciate any
suggestions.        Randy      PS This still is the best I've ever felt in
25 years. 
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