[Ibogaine] Dear Jim, GABA= GHB????

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 18:19:00 EDT 2004

Hi Julie,
I am glad you heard the story.  It was a shame, a nice 14 or 15 year dead.  Drinking Mountian Due no less.  If the guys were to of put the GHB in the bushes or hid it or whatever and called the EMS the girl may be alive today.
But no, they let the girl die while they rented a  wet vac or some type of carpet cleaner.  Hell they could of said she started acting funny and they knew nothing about it and that she must of took it from someone else.  But to let her die while they cleaned the puke off the carpet that's is a scumbag.  Thank God the other girl did not die also.  I have an young girl and if I lost her I really do not know what I would do.  The pain must hurt so much.  Well, all three of the guys went to jail.  Just giving it to a girl without telling her is a low down thing to do.  In Michigan you get tried as an adult when your 17 years old.  They do not need a waver or anything like that, most states you must be 18 without a waver.  I really do not remember how many years they got.  I hope they do every day.  Your boyfriend acted like a man, he cared enough about you to save your life.  I am glad you are OK.  If one of those girls had a boyfriend that cared they may of been able to save their
 lives.  I guess they were planning a gang rape on a 14 year old.  
Best to ya
  - JIM

Ms Iboga <ms_iboga at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Jim,

Yeah, I heard about those poor girls. The few times I
have tried GHB I have either woken up in a pool of my
own drool or to my boyfriend shaking the hell out of
me, while on the way to the ER. 

GHB is NOT my scene- curiousity allowed me to try
it(several times!), but intelligence keeps me from
trying it again. 

There was a guy in Toronto about 8-10 years ago, who
used to give GHB to 13-15 year old girls at raves,
rape them while they were passed out, and film the
whole thing. Needless to say, he turned up dead a
couple of years later. The official 'cause of death'
was suicide- most people, however, think it was
homicide; probably one of the family members getting
their revenge.

I like drugs that make me feel good, not ones that
make me blackout.


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