[Ibogaine] UTI webpage at Disinformation Company

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 8 04:30:18 EDT 2004

Your body feels clean, polished, your head feels clear, it is a relaxed
feeling, especially after smoking some good weed and having a booster dose.
Beside, no, I didn't get your other e-mail, please send it again.
The only time I saw people becoming tense is when they used to take a lot of
Talk soon,

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Verzonden: vrijdag 8 oktober 2004 2:53
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Onderwerp: Re: [Ibogaine] UTI webpage at Disinformation Company
Hello Sara. How are you feeling? I hope your family is good and you had a
valuable Yom Kippur. I am curious about the physiological sensations of
ibogaine. Not the cerebral manifestations but the effects on the body. What
does your body and head feel like? Is it a relaxed feeling? A stimulated,
energetic sensation? Dreamy and floating? Anxious and tense? I know it may
vary with dose and person but generally speaking. 

            Also, did you get my letter re: botanicals et al off forum? 

Thanks Sara, 

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