[Ibogaine] thank you, Dr. Tom! GABA= GHB????

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 23:18:15 EDT 2004

Hi Ms_iboga,
I do not know much about GHB.  However, about a year or two ago some guys gave it to some girls, it is also know as one of the date rape drugs.  Also, weighlifters like it too - can't figure that one out.  But any way one girl died and one went into a coma.  The girls were like 14 and 15 yrs old.  One guy was like 29 and the other 18 or 19.  The girls were drinking Mountain Due, no less, not alcohol.  One girl got sick and puked, rather than calling EMS they went out and rented a rug cleaner at like 2 or 3  in the morning.  This happened near Detroit.  You may find some information in a Google search.
What I do know is the amount needed to get high is very close to the amount needed to OD.  It is easy to make, not that I have done it, from what they said on the news, and it is cheap.  When amateurs make drugs in the kitchen they sometimes may miscalculate the dose.  After all they are amateurs.  I would keep away from it, but that is just me.
Also, since the girls death they made it a schedule 1 drug with the same penalty as H.
I know nothing about gaba, be careful.  And the guys went to jail and rightly so.  They gave it to the girls without them knowing it.  I have heard it has a salty taste.
Best to ya,
  - JIM

Ms Iboga <ms_iboga at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Dr. Tom,

Thank you for your informative post. The herbs you
mentioned I have heard of, the other supplements I
have not. Are they legal? Isn't GHB basically a form
of GABA?(pardon me for my ignorance)

I will do a search for the supplements you suggested. 
I am hoping I can find them online. And the Bwiti
link sounds fascinating.

Interestingly enough, I came to a conclusion about
suffering/withdrawal: the more I help others, the less
preoccupied I am with myself. I just sent in my
application to volunteer at Sick Kids Hospital here in
Toronto. I think this will do a world of
good(hopefully for both myself AND others), and it is
a healthy, valid suggestion on your part.

Thanks, Dr. Tom, and please keep posting...I enjoy
your sense of humour, and your life view!

Oh, and slightly off topic- once again I realize how
fortunate I am to live in Toronto, despite the frigid
winters. The City of Toronto just initiated a home
composting program: each home receives it's own green
box, which reduces the amount of organic waste thrown
into regular dumpsters/landfills. The green box is
picked up weekly, and regular garbage collection
BIWEEKLY(weekly for commercial collection)!! Some
people are complaining, but I think it's brilliant!

Julie :)

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