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Sponsorship vs. non-sponsorship.



This question often, due to Lord Bill W and friends, comes up during any type of “recovery” from habits of compulsion regarding a specific or various types of substances.  The main characteristic of addiction is continuing in the face of consequence.  So by this definition, “recovery” can be as addicting as the “drug”.  Perhaps, one can be MORE functional with junk feed cells, being able to focus on more important things and ACT on them.  Or without junk, pretend that those same ACTIONS can be done in a reliable, stable frame of mind without a persistent fatigue caused by junk hungry cells.


With Respect, Howard, I hear it says “well 60 days…no way because this person was on 100 mg methadone”.  While in the same post states that everyone is different.


I think this comes back to how we define sickness.  The absence of opiates/opioids only, or is it still ‘sickness’ until natural levels of endorphins and friends get back up to par.  Because perhaps what the normal the junkie felt before the rush of junk isn’t the same as the normal s/he feels when stabilized on methadone.  So when a junkie/patient quits, is the reasonable expectation to feel like s/he did stabilized on methadone, or like s/he did before touching anything at all?  Or is their some “is this all there is” depression that sets in that creates the ‘butter knife’ mentality N seems so familiar with.  In other words, “what is normal/” (how do we define non-sickness), and who the fuck thinks they are the appropriate judge to determine that?


I’d like to hear from some of these people who had ‘bad’ habits and quit with ONE dose of ibogaineTM and felt normal (and happily ever after likely as well).  Did they feel like they did “stabilized” or like how felt before heroin or something completely different and did it last.  Did they return to “normal” on dope or “normal” before dope or neither?  

I feel sorry for the many who paid hard hustled money to try ibo due to this continuing “information” that literally says “NO WITHDRAWAL”, and I think from my limited experience  cherry picking anecdotal ibogaineTM  experience isn’t science based “fact” (like there is such a thing from a scientific process designed to ignore set and setting).  But cut and splicing sacrament just doesn’t seem to be my path.


With the “indra” extract, it is my impression that it has a reputation for being rather weak extract so I’d say at least 5 g.  I wish I had done about 8 or 9 on my first dose.  Actually, let me rephrase that, ask your provider.  I know that 3g of “indra” for 263mg/day ‘done maybe could have been under dosing just a bit but dead bodies aren’t fun either.  That being said extract seemed much more balanced then extract.  Extract = peeling and eating an orange.  HCL=frozen orange juice concentrate straight out of the can.  In my very limited personal experience.


If you know anyone else who kicked 263 for over a year then ask them too, I’m curious to hear what they have to say, ‘cause I can’t find one person down here who kicked higher doses like that for any length of time with any success.   I have heard of a some dud3 in the thousands lol, 4,000 mg it was lol, “wouldn’t you?”


Maybe I should find a w1up^0x sponsor ; >


Anyways just thoughts,, I was really, really, really wanting a shot last night, and if things don’t improve in my life at a higher rate (no more fatigue, strength to get things done) I don’t see how it won’t eventually happen


“~~~~~~surf the wave~~~~~~don’t be dragged by it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”


Hey Mark aka Ryan, nothing wrong with sex mahn, I think it’s the best aftercare out there bar none, but sex for just for sex and sex with mutual love are of course different.  As for the other shit, you already know.  And of course guilt is a drain no doubt, and feeds on itself like locust on good intentions.  Drugs are fun.  I guess, just be careful and hope your not having to wait sick too much ; )


Sean, good thoughts with you on your journey.


I’m curious how it went on Friday, good “moon time” on Friday, I wonder if music was right or no pre-made sound was better? How’d it go?

Looking forward to hearing how they go.  Take care all. 




Sara Glatt <sara119 at xs4all.nl> wrote:You can count on two months to become normal, after the Ibo. treatment each
day people feel getting better, the worst is the fourth/fifth day due to
leak of sleep and feeling drained, but in the third day they can start
eating slowly. 

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In a message dated 10/4/04 2:05:21 AM, sara119 at xs4all.nl writes:

>Also, for how long a person is using Methadone, the longer the use
>The longer it takes to become normal again even after a booster dose,

>It takes about a month to feel normal after Iboga treatment coming off
>100mg of methadone. when it has been used only few months.

Hi Sara,

6-1/2 years.


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