[Ibogaine] Those who don't even want to look at it...

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Sat Oct 2 18:29:17 EDT 2004

I think low-dose iboga is comparable to an SSRI in terms of the way one
would use it. More convenient because the effect is fast and the dosage
can be varied, and you can start and stop at will. Inconvenient because
my experience is that iboga wears you down over time. Also it can be
scary if you take too much for the everyday situation at hand. Both iboga
and SSRI's seem to lessen one's sensitivity to inner pain, and thus allow
a more objective look at things. I had no insights with Paxil, although
I especially enjoyed a warm, energised feeling it added to smoking pot.
My mundane helper is Neurontin - it is a mood stabiliser also used for
pain patients, and in small doses (300-400mg for sleep a couple of times
a week) it seems to enhance energy, relaxation, and groundedness. I forget
about it for many weeks at a time, remembering if I am troubled or run
down. Among drugs/entheogens, it most reminds me of the feeling one has
in the days following an ayahuasca session. Larger doses of Neurontin
are uncomfortable for me, and I've heard this of other people.

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 13:31:50 -0700 jon <jfreed1 at umbc.edu> wrote:
>>Um, anyone who had actually DONE ibogaine, and who
>>KNEW what they were talking about, would never spout
>>such garbage.  Ibogaine is not, I repeat, NOT ANYTHING
>Well, they are both serotonin agonists in a general sense, but that's
>where the similarity ends...
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