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AG adamg at 013.net.il
Fri May 21 12:49:46 EDT 2004

Geez, WTF people, this list is starting to resemble Lord of the Flies meets Abu Ghraib.... a little perspective perhaps? And please, pretty please with a popped cherry on top, enuf with the hypocrisy, ok? 

Callie dissed this person, that's what brought on his angry response- to paraphrase her initial comment-  "uhh, I don't understand this... uhh, maybe I accidently deleted previous posts...uhh -wish I accidently deleted this one!"

Yes, I know, how droll indeed. And you wonder why the guy went ballistic. Next thing you know it's a verbal fuck-fest on the guy's handle (dude, it really sucks tho') and we're all hi-fiving ourselves for chasing away a meth-head who was not trolling or goading or baiting anyone on this list. Bra-fuckin-Vo.

So next time round, whether it's "ah'lan-wa-sah'lan" or "mushi-mushi" or "w'sup ni-ggah"; either respond in kind or keep it to your-ROTF-self.


And another thing, since I already donned my fire-retardant super-suit... All you people on AOL, I just wanna squish your puny little labrat brains. You all look like stuffed turkey pies on a conveyer belt funneled onto some fenced-up, handicap-designated playpen for corporate monitoring purposes- it stands for Airheads On Leashes and I'd love nothing more than to slam training wheels into your ears and- HEY- I'm just kidding -AHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA - see? 

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