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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Wed May 19 17:49:12 EDT 2004

I'm still missing something.
Could someone please, PLEASE repost whatever it was this guy (Not Jon Ludlum
but the rude guy) is responding to?
Preston (I don't want to reply to the almost laughably rude, off-the-wall
post at Callie without first seeing what ever it was he was replying to. I
can say it stuck me as really silly and just plain mean and
completely...well, I think you all get my drift, but I'd still like to see
what he was responding to...Who is this person?)

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>FUCK YOU and your
intellectual bullshit and your racist post I replied too. Go back where
ever you were
hiding before you found this list asshole.
Usually peaceful and loving,
ps....use your spell checker so I can read your dumbass posts<

Dear Callie,
You forgot to tell him that a strong message will follow. I was going to
write something to him, but you did fine ALL BY YOURSELF!!!

Respectfully Yours,

Jon Ludlam

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