[ibogaine] Re: fucking kill the q-supervise shit already (re: which slice?)

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Thu May 6 11:22:00 EDT 2004

> Uhm ...
> HeRro.  There are a LOT of you here...  Go figure.  As of yesterday
> everything appears to be load-balanced, recompiled, and FLYING out of
> everything, once more...
> Everything that went in or out of here for the last coupla daze prior to
> that.  Well ... it may escape, it might not, it could very well spend the
> next few days trying to wade out of the swamp that is the former
> mailsystem.

> We just tossed it altogether and recompiled with way, way, way higher
> limits.
> There are ... a lot of you here.  What the hell is wrong with you anyway?
> Just testing.
> I need a lotta coffee.
> Patrick
> core dumped - going down on signal 15

Of course, you know the solution to all your problems is rm -rf /


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