[ibogaine] Copyright and privacy

Bill Ross ross at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed May 5 13:46:17 EDT 2004

> I would just feel easier posting (and infinitely more funny) if I knew my 
> shit would not go on national sites, I understand what you are saying, but 
> what is wrong with some sort of statement that what is written for the list 
> stays on the list? We are also talking about very sensitive and personal 
> topics and I feel that not just me, but others would be more open about 
> their addictions and their hopes for staying clean without the threat of 
> personal information being plastered everywhere. 

I think that a toothless order not to propagate postings would
lead to a false sense of security.

> I refuse to be anonymous, 
> yet I do feel the list should be somewhat confidential. 

This could happen on a list where the membership was closed to 
just anyone joining, but even then it would not be 100% 'safe'.

> It's simple - I ain't posting anything else until I feel a little more 
> comfortable and I will never use some cute name to hide who I am. I think 
> the list would be better if people would be open as to who they are and did 
> not feel the threat of exposure. What's wrong with simple rules?

They do not solve the basic problem. People who think they
are above rules (believe me, there are a few on the net :-) 
will do what they want.


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