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You can get 5htp (5 Hydroxytryptophan) in a healthfood store, drug store, pharmacy or grocery. Real l-tryptophan is much too dangerous to put in anything but baby food (in the USA) or by prescription.. qhi.co.uk sells real l-tryptophan, it is legal to import for personal use.
"but want to double check that
is a good post-ibo idea."
I don't notice any difference one way or the other, before, during or after using l-tryptophan. dl-phenylalanine seems to speed recovery, so does chicken soup...  

Jon Ludlam <seraphina at compuserve.com> wrote:
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>I just bought some tryptophan to help me get some soothing rest the
following week - I read this was helpful, but want to double check that
is a good post-ibo idea.

Any word?


Where can you find tryptophan?? 

Jon Ludlam

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