[ibogaine] Bretts Preparation Ideas

Paul MacLennan leisure1 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Mar 24 21:57:40 EST 2004

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

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  "I presume its ok to be on your prescribed methadone dose when taking ibo?"

  Absolutely NOT. No drugs including opiates when doing ibogaine, no speed, no cocaine, no alcohol, pretty much no anything. This is pretty serious stuff, taking ibogaine and opiates together can cause an overdose. Typically wait 24 hours (more if you can) after the last methadone dose or about when withdrawal starts before taking the tester dose, then the main dose. The lower the amount of drugs in your system when doing the iboga the better the outcome. Typically there will be little or no withdrawal when taking iboga/ibogaine for addiction, mileage varies.

  Please read ibogaine.org/manual.html.(serveral times) and take it very seriously. 


  Paul MacLennan <leisure1 at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
    I presume its ok to be on your prescribed methadone dose when taking ibo?

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    > It maybe that cognitave/memory enhancers intensify ibogaines effects.
    > Perhaps the increase blood flow to the brain does it. I don't know if it
    > would be wise to use these during the peak phase of iboga. I find the
    > ibogaine intense enough. I once ate Baby Woodrose seeds. they're similar
    > LSD, while I was using ginko biloba and had fairly panicy time for an hour
    > or so.
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    > >
    > > > One guy I did my treatments with gave me the brain drug 'piracetum'
    > >when
    > > > the visions began to subside. It's supposed to increase the flow of
    > >blood
    > > > between the two brain hemisphers. This brought them back again with a
    > > > certain clarity.
    > > >
    > >
    > >How very interesting!
    > >I do elderly and end of life care and some of my patients take piracetum
    > >help with Alzheimers and a few that have Parkinsons take it.
    > >It does not have any really outstanding effect on the patients but no
    > >term studies have been done either. I think the feeling is that it does
    > >hurt
    > >and may help so use is continued!
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