[ibogaine] First-timer

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Wed Mar 24 14:56:11 EST 2004

> What I also liked about ibogaine, as opposed to acid, is that there's
> usually a happy ending. If you get torture, hey, it's feels great
> afterwards! I mean, real elation. And then you know it, you know what it
> looks like to go through that doorway. You get awareness. And awareness
> always diminishes fear. Horror trips on ibo always pass and afterwards I
> usually just feel my connection with everything and everybody.

Thanks very much Nick (and everyone else too) for relating your experiences.

What you just said in that paragraph there makes me feel a lot better
about the idea of doing iboga.

While my experience ON acid was extremely horrific, it was really the
AFTEReffects that were so problematic. The panic attacks, the fear of
being insane, the fear that at any moment the world around me could
crumble into hell. These persisted for years after my bad trips.

I think I could deal with a grueling psychedelic experience if the fear
and and mental anguish doesn't persist on and on after the trip. From what
you've said, it sounds like this isn't likely to happen with iboga...

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