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Hiya Brett,

Yeah, I have the goods on that form of administration, I thought of mentioning it as well...

But I swear by the 'real' vomiting that takes place with the fresh root and until I exhaust all my oral options I won't be going, eh, behind my own back.. maybe someday...

Here I have to agree with Planteur, if you put yourself thru the real 'raw deal', you come away feeling that consecutive hcl or indra sessions are not all that wholesome... Althoughy I never tried the latter, I suspect it might compare to the difference between smoking good weed and dropping a THC pill....

And yes, I have it on record that people do rectal infusion with rootbark... you gotta grind it up real fine, add just enough water to make it soup-like and warm it up to body temp.. and there are various instruments that one can use for means of delivery...


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  There is one other route of administration though I am not suggeting it, only that you won't taste it.

  Ibogaine is bio-active rectally, it should work.


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    Hi Nick,

    The tea was called 'automatique' and I tried twice to replicate it...
    boiling a whole bunch of rootbark over a low flame for a couple of hours did
    not produce anything close to the pitch-black drink we were served.. my
    guess is that the bwiti used some of the plant's leaves and/or other
    ingredients because rootbark on it's own will only produce a light-tan, very
    transparent tea... of course taste-wise, again, extremely unpleasant...

    Maybe Laurent Sazy or Planteur can shed some light on the topic...

    I'm sorry to hear that the extract is 'moderately horrific'... I'm also up
    for another 'Operation Clean Up Your Act/Room'... but while I don't mind the
    vomiting that ensues, I can't stomache anymore ibo directly... so I might
    opt for combining the two, ie, create the extract and use the salami-wrapper
    to make little, uh, 'water-baloons'...

    I'll be sure to post the recipe along with some pics....


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    > It's moderately horrific, but nothing compared to the bark itself or the
    > tea. Which, by the way, does anyone out there have instructions for? I
    > to remember you can just boil the rootbark up for a couple of hours then
    > strain and drink. Can anyone confirm, I'm thinking of doing some like this
    > soon.

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