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No, I am quite certain there is more to iboga than a molecule. While I was talking a little "tongue-in-cheek" to Adam the option of rectal administration for some people is a valid point, the fact that it is  being used makes it valid. In drug addiction treatment sometimes people can't hold the ibogaine/iboga down, when supplies are VERY limited and the stomach very weak (or if there is a bleeding ulcer) rectal is sometimes considered.. I know people who have lost doses orally, that may be all the iboga they have. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with addicts - they think healthy stuff is disgusting and unhealthy stuff (like squirting things in their arms) is natural. Sometimes one has to be a little "creative", if the addict (or other)  barfs up his dose, that is all he has, refuses to re-drink it or can't hold a 2nd dose down, well,  there is another option... it does come up but not with root-bark that I have encountered. 
I deeply respect Iboga and have no fear of it any longer, but it is still wreched stuff. Yeah, builds character, that  is for sure.

iboga_planteur <iboga_planteur at yahoo.fr> wrote:
Do you think ibogaine is the only active product in Iboga? Do you think this
plant has those properties with no meaning? Iboga is the tree of life, every
single part of the plant as specific function in the body, it's an holistic
therapy. As it is said in Africa, every bitter medecine is a good medecine,
every sweet medecine is a poison. Scientist think you can extract a single
molecule and get the active principle, and be more efficient...Eating Iboga
as it is in a natural way is a proof of courage, if you have this courage
you've done half the way to overcome your problems. In symbolic a way, you
have to accept bitterness of life to really enjoy it.


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