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Wed Mar 10 16:37:38 EST 2004

the last stage of a send up 
of a gut feeling doubtful touch down to one two forty fortran 
crowbars shouting in tkie cellar 
but no maybe it's too much to wear 
yes considering the fear inside the ride starting to die 
baby i don't want to cry anymore 
yet anyway we escape quicker than 
mechanical deaths rejuvenated for transparent transport 
subjected to interpolated states 
sadly gated you weight against all sidechains 
fighting the crush of silence of the right hand mantle cranium alleged 
even delayed uranium 
burning fabric off our backs 
right till we can no longer 
see plus plus the fact that no rights left 
meaning we're less than apparent at a rate of complex numbers transpiring to retire 
rats racing 
time stranded in a stretch predicted yet unfounded in 
polynomial calculations set to 
have misled the walking dead 
yet on awakening we may reflect death as a tool to give credibility 
to reflectivity falling in slow motion cos we're pushed at the last step 

components one and two tubular reality systems in question 
multiply senseless consent of inspection 
prior to combustion 
eternal conduction experiments once supposed disfigured immortal beings wander like stoked navigators 
pretend multi functioning externals yes we brackets the menu sitting like forks point at the blue 
corpse overlord 

splitting opportunities 
broken like back doors 
ask why i don't reply 
while shoulders overlooked but retain guises 
suitable for generating consent 
fooled we're none the wiser 

baud rate increased as metallic apparitions manifest through 
 Thousand Yard Stares 
look sideways into infinite parallel ports 
headlong into one another 
escaping velocity becomes a matter of time 
compression thresholds as yet another tectonic secret unfolds 
third degree burns hover 
one moment above a faraday 
cage exploding 
in slow motion components rated electrolytic capacity 
suffocated in ozone waveforms communicate a paralyzed process submerged calculus offers transient traces of illusion 

subtle methods symmetry uncovered a diagonal telemetry 
catastrophes deep frozen remaining moments horizontal like a stone 
slowing down till actions turn sidelong 
still inverts to regressions 
lessons unlearnt inertia presides over burnt modernist strides looking glass to stones thrown 
fractions later, swan songs colliding 
unpopular finding 
incubated micro command shells acoustic arguments no longer specified yes this time freedom transpires wide open deserts 
yet access denied 
sinking in 
like rotten requests from perished minds 
affirmations become distant light sources pinpointing curved fragments mysterious elements time stretched incubators illuminate strange tangents electrocution integrated into 
life on stretcher beds 
conceived by airborne sickness 
surrounded cold avenues of silence 
getting to grips 

preparation for long falls 

staircases previously, seen only by the dead 
seem to persist in times of denied states 
yet returning to errors 
like fools locking doors 
random disintegration occurs as we await 
falling forwards forever 
axis discrepancy indicates hexagons beyond control anomaly mutilation colony reflects no triangular energy 
asynchronous matter avoided by a diagram invisibility 
subtle methods symmetry uncovered a diagonal telemetry 
You're so deluxe, you're so divine
You're so fifty light years ahead of your time
You're a riddle you're a ripple
Another little glitch in continuity
Like you were a ripple in my memory
You are a paradox to me, a senseless maze
I run around, I'm looking for you all of my days
The more that you want it, 
the more that you need it

The less that it does

Run out it's rough, too much is enough

And that's what it was
The more that I see you, the more that I miss you

The less that I care

I know I should try to kiss you goodbye, but...

You're never there.

I've got a nickname for you, I call you weakness
I get a little strength out too, or is it meekness?
The more that you want it, 
the more that you need it

The less that it does

You are a paradox to me, a contradiction
You're a predicament for me, and a prediction
Well we had just begun
When the night came down
Sweating rain on everyone
Anyone who was hanging around
You say there's something strange going on
I cannot see a thing
And pretty soon then we'll be drenched to the bone
And my soul is freezing
And we really should decide
Who's taking who for this ride
Ride the bandwagon into the ditch
Smile for the many you shocked
Bless my soul and drop a stitch
Strike while the irony is hot
And I don't have much time
There's so much left to take
It'd hard to know what's genuine
And what's a genuine fake
I think there's something weird going on
Something unforeseen

Ride the ghost train now into the dark

Ride it right into the ground

Up through the suburbs, graveyards and parks
Going around and around
If I never see you again
That will be way too soon
And if I ever get over this
I will be over the moon

I hope that something new comes along
Something more my style
I hope that someone else comes along
And makes it worth my while

And it's lust and sloth and pride
That makes me want to
Ride the roller coaster for all that it's worth
Live it all up to the hilt
If you can't take it with you
Away from this earth
Might as well take it full tilt

Ride the old horse through gold rush town
If that's the kind of company you keep
You're getting very tired and you need to lie down
I'll see you in your sleep

You're shivering again
After all that we've been through
Is that all you can do?

I didn't wanna come here
Now I don't wanna go
Is there some trick involved in this?    
As if you would tell me so.
 Our instruments have no way of measuring this feeling
Can never cut below the floor or penetrate the ceiling
In the space between our houses some bones have been discovered
Yet our procession marches on as if we have recovered
Draconian wind unforetold
One solar day suddenly you're old
A little and below just makes me cold
Makes destination start to unfold
Our documents are useless all forged beyond believing
Page 47 is unsigned, I need it by this evening
In the space between our cities a storm is slowly forming
There's something eating up our days, I beat it every morning.

The distance and speed have left us too weak
Destination looks kinda bleak
Our elements are burnt out, our beasts have been mistreated
I tell you it's the only way we'll get this road completed.
I feel this all beginning right before my eyes.
I must go back, re-examine my life.
Well, here she comes with a penetrating stare
I don't know when but I wish I knew where
Quick calculation -- there's not nearly enough
Here she comes with her unforgiving web
Almost forever I've been drinking these drugs
It must be time to change our rude, crude view
Before we're lost
Look at the map -- add up the cost
Before we're lost
Wear a gun and be proud but bare breasts aren't allowed
In the city
Dream up a scam and then rake in the clams
To a wolf I'm a lamb but just half a gram
The face of today just a scalpel away
Restore your lost soul for two dollars plus toll
In reflection, I see you again
Approach me, soak me
Faith, Faith, Breathe
Cause it's here, it's where the air is clear
Where far-off things could be quite near
No repairs are needed
Just a Spark
I'm interested, you've always been a subject
That I could learn
Splendid hills, unconquerable mountains
Climb - don't ever turn back
Seed, Seed, Grow
Cause it's here, it's where the air is clear
Where far-off things could be quite near
No repairs are needed
Just a Spark
Too dangerous to keep
Too feeble to let go
And you want to bite the hand
Should've stopped this long ago
Go now, you've been set free
In another month or so
Had you coiled around my arm
How could you ever know
How I loved your diamond eyes
But that was long ago
Go now, you've been set free
In another month or so, you'll be poisoning me
And I should've believed Eve
She said we had to glow
She was the apple of my eye
It wasn't long ago
Go now, you've been set free
Shaded crystal water 
Bathed in by God's daughter
A sigh, and whispers near
A new season passes here
Sensory gifts to all who come
Soak up the stars and setting sun
It's strange and wilder
Nature's bechilder
And the cactus sure tastes strangely sweet
As it goes down inside
But I'll dream I'm safe
In my hotel womb
Soft and soul-made 
It's a wonderful room
A sudden voltage in the night
With a rain forest girl
As we float downstream to the Amazon river
Where the black waters swirl
I said "Why are you people wearing those masks"
I said "Can't we be reconciled"
She says the mother of the storm has to roam the sky
Searching for her child
I'll dream I'm safe
In my hotel womb
Soft and soul-made
It's a wonderful room
I wish I'm back in my hotel womb
I'll slip through the crack
To that wonderful room
Morning comes at last
And she's lying by my side
She's got the face of the widow that keeps following me
And the body of my bride
I said "Why are those buildings swaying like trees"
I said "Can we stop for a while"
She says "Can't you hear the city that's hidden in there"
"It's just another mile"
I'll dream I'm safe
In my hotel womb
They'd be young forever as long as they stayed in the dome
But barbarians came and set fire to their home
Exposed the dome dwellers to the outside
They must have known it was the end
The barbarians picked through the ashes of the dome
Then went on their way, continued to roam

All of their strength couldn't save them
All died inside the flood
Destined to make that same old mistake
The way of all flesh and blood
He can turn wine into water
Mother against daughter
Juggles busy deadlines
Gets himself off headlines
Surrounded by his minions
Who never have opinions
Performing little tricks for you
Puts it in a fix for you

Smashes your watch with a hammer
Now the slur is fading
Reality all-pervading

And he does the Indian rope trick
The one that makes you seasick
And some of it's done with mirrors
And some of it's done with scissors
And some of it's done with cables
And his hands under the table
Cast a fortune for the man in the suit
Who's suffering is very acute
There's a rabbit in his hat
But I thought I smelled a rat
People 'round here say you're a witch
They're intrigued in seeing you roast
They really intend to burn you my friend
I think that's the bit they like most
Wake up, the mob are on their way
Howling, growling, they want your blood
They're out to get it today
You had to go and cure the mayor's itch
Then you took care of his clerk
You fixed up John Green and the old bishop's spleen
Put everyone out of work
I wasn't expecting this
Now everything is destroyed
Underneath us are the nothings
Underneath them is a void
Beyond that void is a place
Where figments from bad dreams are banished
Childhood nightmares all come seeking
And adult logic nearly vanished
sensing you're high, fall in the flame, faster and down
dance in desire, fall in the flames, faster and down

None of this is what I wanted
I truly asked for what I got.

Bang the gavel, it's lawlessness
I can't unravel the knot
Half this wretched town is starving
While the other half are bloated

Everybody hates the bastards in power
But their pill is sugar coated
I didn't need any of this

The consequences now apparent
Feeding back unchecked

Wake up open your eyes
Look around you, this may be your last sunrise
Oh my ugly ducklings, nobody loves you
One night your shoulders will ache
But next day when you wake
You'll sprout wild wings, and fly
Just like in Swan Lake

I built a house of cards
Built a house of rain
Built a house of love
Build them all again

Built a road to reason
Built a road to fate
Built a road to the promised land
Right up to the gate

Loose change in my pocket
Future in my hand
Too many distractions
For me to understand


Too many distractions
Got to get back home
Get into something solid
Get out of the zone
Some roads bring renewal
Some roads hide and wait
Some roads promise everything
And steal your fuel away.
"Every man think his burden is the heaviest"
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