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Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 7 04:17:30 EST 2004

Hi Sara,

What you say is true, but for me it's important to Empower the Individual as
opposed to Running Down the State. The rehab situation in the UK is no
better than in Holland, yet it is still reasonably straightforward to get
yourself in....if you REALLY want to. You can get funding, you might have to
attend a load of interviews, you might even have to move to a part of the
country where there more cash available, but you CAN get it. If you want to.
If I'm listening to an addict talk, I sympathize a little with the NO but
really try to push them with the YES. Yes, it's tough, but Yes you can do
it. It's up to You. It all comes down to You. Personally, I don't like to
give in to the excuses, just a little sympathizing is enough.

It's so easy to make excuses for not getting into state-funded drug
treatment programmes, you really don't need to try...oh they should have
done this, I can't get that, it should be like this...but at some point the
consciousness of the addict has to move towards...hey, I actually really,
really want to do this and it's gonna be ME that takes the barriers out of
the way. When this happens change occurs. A drug like ibogaine can take you
enough inside to see that actually all the No's are just your fear and all
the Yes's are who you really are. And when someone's in that opened up state
of empowered awareness after an ibo-session then that would be a great time
to get them into a proper therapeutic community - encounter, bodywork,
emotional release, relating, sexual expression, the whole caboodle. Then you
need less expressions like "functioning addicts" and more expressions like
"change agents."

Addicts are not the victims of state-led oppression schemes, just the
temporary victims of their own lack of awareness. And it can change...easily


Hi Nick

It can be a great way to sobriety going to a rehab after taking Ibo.
Doing all kind of "10 golden rules".
But it must be arranged first. And that isn't always easy. Not when Iboga
detox. Treatment isn't recognized.
When someone wants to do a rehab, they must have a piss test first or a
paper showing that they just have been to an  official
  detox. Clinic.
When the piss found clean after a non official treatment
The rehab doesn't take in a clean piss addicted.
Because there are many on the waiting list.

So when a person knows that he/she are going to take Ibogaine treatment,
They should have the rehab expecting them for after care.
Only since it isn't a system that are coordinated to support and recognize
That arrangement should be done by the addict or their family.

By the way in every state hospital, clinic , treatment there is a huge
waiting list.And only if you have a lot of cash you can get your treatment
before the waiting list. 

" One million people in Britain are on a waiting list for inpatient hospital
admission at any given time. Just 155,000 of those are seen within four
weeks. For 250,000 of them, it takes more than 26 weeks to be admitted for

-- Conrad F. Meier, Health Care News (2003)

And this is so called NORMAL people.

what to do while waiting ? smoke some dope ? 


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