[ibogaine] Fw: [drugwar] Single Injection Promising for Heroin Addiction

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Sat Jan 31 17:23:30 EST 2004

    How can a person get in on this study? I'm 55 years old and have been 
addicted to heroin since I was 18.  I have never been in jail or prison and would 
desperately like to get off all drugs for good.  I have tried methadone for 
one year but I am a petroleum landman and spend most week days out of town. 
Methadone killed the withdrawing feelings but had their own when I quit the 
methadone.  Like changing one dog for another except one is legal.
    I  am very interested in becoming a part of any current study of drugs 
designed to get people off heroin and keep them off.  What I have read about 
buprenorphine is interesting.  How could a person get involved in a study like 
    Any  information you have would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Shipman
Dixieexploration at aol.com 
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