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 I have some questions too. Whats the withdrawl time for buprenorphine? how long is its half life? is it better or worse or possitives verse negatives than methadone or otheres?  heroin versus bupren? .methadone versus  Buprenorphine? i want to know whats the correct dose if your at 55 mgs of methadone?  i have lots of questions and i would also like to here from some real people that have used it. I know one guy that swears by it he used it as a detoxification method from methadone in like a week the slowly detox you and the half life m guessing is real short!  Do you feel a high from it? does it lower your blood pressure? these are all things im considering i have heard lots of good  things about it the only bad one was this one person that was an alcoholic then got hooked on Vicodin e.s.7.5mgs and she sadi she was takin 12 a day on average then she went to in patient then they but her on the buprenorphine and i think that it was alot stronger than what shew  neede then they
 released her probably on her own will cuz i dont think at the time she knew what she was getting into. and they released her with a buprenorphine habit cold turkey and she said she was sick for 10 days but then againk i would be so greatful from were i sit now looking at a vicodin habit as  a very light opiote! to mee. But i believe that if she hadnt had so much false hope or uninformed thoughts she would have stayed longer in treatment and detoxed slower to were From what i hear the detox is not nearly as bad  as methadone! but thats all rumors and heresay! i think that i can beat my metnhadone/opiate addictyion I have to io am noow 25 and have had a hard opiate addiction for 7 yearsa doesnt sound like much but alot of those yeasr were spent with a cancer patient sucking down700mgs of morphine plus a whole lota other shit peace man thats my take and i hope someonwe can help me witrh my questions! 

P.s. there is non 1 uno answer i think that if all resorces are used properly i.e heroin to buprenorphine medium speed detox from that.{comfortable never rushed] then towards the end a ibogaine treatment or three coupled with N.A.heroin anonymous. and A,.A. then dedicating some of your time helping an addict recover just like the one that i hope helps me but you gotta ask for it to work thats my take right now! times change! people change! thoughts change . as long as i/ we stay very openminded we can alwasy learn from mistakes and triumphs!                   Your friend in MI             Kriss

> last year. It is the only opioid that is allowed to be dispensed from a
> doctors office for the treatment of opioid (heroin/oxycotontin, etc.)
> $255.00 is on the cheap end to my understanding. Burprenophine will cause
> dependence. In other words if you stop it you will go into withdrawal.
It is
> like every other pharmaceutical product. Some people do very well with it
> others do not. Same for ibogaine. You will become dependent on
> It is a maintenance drug. There is a lot of information on the internet.
> Do a google.com search for buprenorphine. The US government cut a deal
> the manufacturer and is promoting it (collaborative research and
> agreement). Every drug that helps people is a good drug. Your call. If
> have a specific question I will try to answer it.
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