Marko marko at
Wed Jan 28 04:56:57 EST 2004

Hi all,

EU championship in handball is going on right now in Slovenija. Our team
hasn't lost yet and is in second round now, and everybody here are
suddenly great handball fans...

The same happened when my home town football (soccer) team qualified for
whatever EU cup finals - everybody was great football (soccer) fans...

I guess that this pattern repeats in every country and certain sport has
great nation-wide support during certain contests...

... so I propose a new sport; could be called IBOGAINISING. Perhaps it
could be combined with very popular sport called EXTREME COUCHING (where
people lay on the couch for extreme periods of time, ususally watching TV)

Perhaps we could establish an Ibogainising club in every country (maybe
even in every town?), and later establish a world-wide federation? With
support on the Internet, of course!

I'm quite sure that this would popularise Ibogaine!

If you have doubts about this idea, please see Extreme Ironing at

If they could make such a popular sport from dull household work, then we
can do even better!!

Of course, rules for Ibogainising should be set, and all this paperwork...
but I think it's worth the efford!




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