mindvox made with what please

Harv Raskin sputnik at post.com
Tue Jan 27 20:10:21 EST 2004

Hi I tried leaving email but none of the email addresses that are listed work, it says "cannot find user" I took them from here http://www.mindvox.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MindVoxUI.woa/wa/staticpage%3fpagename=About/VoxBios.html
I got the link to Mindvox here and like it very much but I have questions please.  http://www.magic-mushrooms.net/psychedelic-art.html I really like the whole site but what is it?? The link says it is psychedelic art and I see that but I don't understand anything is it being serious? The question I have about the whole site is how is it made? I tried to download it using HTTrack and vbCity website downloader. Neither one downloads anything at all, not even the main page. It downloads either a blank page which is totally empty or it downloads one link which is a link and nothing else. It won't follow anything. When I try to save any page on the site, it will only save the text and some of the graphics, the rest are not there at all it is only empty space. What I would like to know is what tools is mindvox made with please. How do you make the purple frames that change sizes around the text and graphics and how do you make it work with all browsers? I am having a hard time tryi
 ng to do the same thing with much simpler pages using Dreamweaver mx and Frontpage, neither one will do anything like it. if I take even the page parts that will download on a single page and try to load it into Dreamweaver to see how it is made, it breaks and won't put it back together. How do you do this please?

Thanks for any help

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