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Hi Nick,

   I would agree that if you don't have to go down so quickly that I would slow it down a bit if you can.  Is their a certain amount of time you need to kick by?  I'm sure you have already tasted a bit of the sickness, but in my experience, if I continued to go down consistently on my dose, like 5 ml/day for example, eventually making the sickness feedback in circles because not enough time to 'stabalize' or whatever.  It seems to take at least 3 to 4 weeks to get the main sick out of the systM from going down.  

   I think I had a hard time going down at the 'for profit' clinics then the free/sliding scale clinics.  This was justified by saying why should I not get as much product (methadone/orlaam) for my money.  Sure, $250 per month is nothing compaired to what I was spending on the street version of the sickness, but that is still a car payment.

   One of the last things my 'methadone couns. told me before I kicked and told him 'I'm a bit nervious about kicking',  'You should be." He said.  The other thing to consider, of course, is how stable of environment will you be awaking to?   

   Nick, I wish you all the best.  Just give the sickness the respect it deserves and I think you will be fine.  I do think that dosing with iboga even a year or two after you kick would help so much.  Have you considered going down on your dose like (I'm conservative regarding this) 1 ml per 3 or 4 weeks.  Buy some time, get dose level down, while saving for iboga treatment during physical kick?  I think that would be preferred but I'm not sure if it's possible.  

   Let me know if I can help in any way.

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> cant!
> Hi i am 25 and detoxing on methadone yet again but with absolutly no intention
> of ever going back to heroin or other opiates. this disease is
> scary(addiction). I am gonna be going to an inpatient rehab center in about 3
> weeks maybe two i was at 115mgs of met.i am now at 60mgs and have been
> detoxing 1mg a day but obviosuly its gonna have to start going faster.i am
> scared! to be honest. not of loiving with out opiate glow but juust the sheer
> length of withdrawl! i have been on this site for 3 or 4 years and have been
> on meth for i think 2 years 8 months ghoing on three well anyways i have done
> opiates basically my entire adult life and lots of  other drugs most of the
> first part i go to A.A. N.A. sometimes i have even been known to go to
> methadone anonymous. but im still using meth even if its not enogh to sustain
> me or whatever the funk oyu want to cxall it. I know that if Iboga/ibogaine or
> some of the other intermediate alkaloids i would have pursued them at one
> point i almost had
>  enough money to get oon a plane to san diego to try the clinic down thgere. I
> just wish i had that as an option to try the ibogaine i mean i dont dsee how
> the govewrment  can keep something illegal if it can help the most needy
> people in this country i do believe i have been a drain on socitey derictly
> caused by my opiate addiction. and if there is soemething that can ease the
> withdrawl and open ones mind and heart at the same time wh7y the PHUNK  NOT?
> well i am in detroit michigan i here that you can get iboga in canada btu how
> much is it you know i know that i need help not just with the physicall part
> but all the other aspects that go along with methadone maintanence. Met.
> maintenance is mnot the right word for what it really is it is a great way to
> control people ill tell ya that but if anyone has had a similar experience to
> what im going through or goin to go throught let mne know.I am still skeptical
> about iboga i have heard soem horrible stories but i  think there could be
>  soem great benifits to just taking the lower doses during early withdrawl.
> let me know and i also want to know of some other suites i can go to to learn
> more the pros and cons. I will probably eventualy try to do the iboga but it
> will probably be long after i go through the actual withdrawl.from this evil
> methadone habit I impossed on myself! well yours truly a scared25yr old
> methadone addict from detroit NICK!
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