Nick in Detroit

CallieMimosa at CallieMimosa at
Sat Jan 24 12:43:06 EST 2004

Hi Nick!
I admire you for detoxing from Methadone! That is great! 
Is there any way you can slow your detox down a bit? A milligram a day is 
pretty fast. I mean I am sure you could detox that way but I am afraid you might 
be so uncomfortable that you are setting yourself up to relapse. I am glad you 
will be in an inpatient treatment setting. Realistically though, if you are 
sick from withdrawals you will not be able to concentrate on what you are given 
to do in treatment.
You sound like you have made the decision to not return to opiates and that 
is important.
Pray a LOT! I will be thinking of you. Keep us posted!
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