[ibogaine] sucks that people could be gettin help from ibo and cant!

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Hi i am 25 and detoxing on methadone yet again but with absolutly no intention of ever going back to heroin or other opiates. this disease is scary(addiction). I am gonna be going to an inpatient rehab center in about 3 weeks maybe two i was at 115mgs of met.i am now at 60mgs and have been detoxing 1mg a day but obviosuly its gonna have to start going faster.i am scared! to be honest. not of loiving with out opiate glow but juust the sheer length of withdrawl! i have been on this site for 3 or 4 years and have been on meth for i think 2 years 8 months ghoing on three well anyways i have done opiates basically my entire adult life and lots of  other drugs most of the first part i go to A.A. N.A. sometimes i have even been known to go to methadone anonymous. but im still using meth even if its not enogh to sustain me or whatever the funk oyu want to cxall it. I know that if Iboga/ibogaine or some of the other intermediate alkaloids i would have pursued them at one point i almost had
 enough money to get oon a plane to san diego to try the clinic down thgere. I just wish i had that as an option to try the ibogaine i mean i dont dsee how the govewrment  can keep something illegal if it can help the most needy people in this country i do believe i have been a drain on socitey derictly caused by my opiate addiction. and if there is soemething that can ease the withdrawl and open ones mind and heart at the same time wh7y the PHUNK  NOT? well i am in detroit michigan i here that you can get iboga in canada btu how much is it you know i know that i need help not just with the physicall part but all the other aspects that go along with methadone maintanence. Met. maintenance is mnot the right word for what it really is it is a great way to control people ill tell ya that but if anyone has had a similar experience to what im going through or goin to go throught let mne know.I am still skeptical about iboga i have heard soem horrible stories but i  think there could be
 soem great benifits to just taking the lower doses during early withdrawl. let me know and i also want to know of some other suites i can go to to learn more the pros and cons. I will probably eventualy try to do the iboga but it will probably be long after i go through the actual withdrawl.from this evil methadone habit I impossed on myself! well yours truly a scared25yr old methadone addict from detroit NICK!

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You really want to go check the link below out!  :-))  It's free and it's legal!
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