King of Torts/det. too "cute" so drug charges dismissed.

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Thanks for the heads up Callie, I'll look out for this Grishom book.
    Also, check out the snipped article below.

Detective ruled too cute in drug bust

By Paula McMahon
FORT LAUDERDALE - He's so good looking it ought not to be a crime.
Fort Lauderdale Detective Mike Nahum's handsome appearance lost him a
criminal case, but there is a consolation prize. He may be the only guy in
the world with a court order declaring he is a "very attractive man."
Nahum is so cute that a Broward Circuit Court judge threw out a criminal
charge against a West Palm Beach man charged with selling drugs to Nahum
during an undercover sting at a gay nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Judge
Susan Lebow ruled the defendant, Julio Blanco, was lured by the police
officer into committing a crime in hopes he would be rewarded with sex.
On Wednesday, an appeals court backed the trial judge's decision and ruled
the police officer's actions were so "outrageous" that it was entrapment.
Blanco had never been arrested before and was not under any suspicion of
criminal activity until he was talked into it by law enforcement, the Fourth
District Court of Appeal ruled.
In the frequently dry and dusty world of law, the case gave the courtroom
staff a rare opportunity to pause and appreciate the finer things in life.
Dismissing the case, Judge Lebow certified Nahum as cute.
"I make that a finding. He's a very attractive man," she said, according to
a transcript.
Blanco's attorney, Kevin Kulik, spoke up to ensure the transcript would
accurately reflect Nahum's macho, muscular appearance. "For the record, I
would submit he was about 6' 2". He was in good shape, you know, a fit
individual, young detective, looked to be maybe 30."
The judge was not the only one to notice Nahum's charms.
"Let's just say that all of the women in court that day were paying a lot of
attention to him," Kulik said on Wednesday. "After he left the courtroom,
they were all like, 'Wow.'"
Diligent efforts to get a photograph of Nahum so that readers could judge
for themselves proved fruitless. Fort Lauderdale Detective Andy Pallen said
Nahum could not be photographed because he still is working undercover.
Fort Lauderdale police and Nahum declined to comment on the case. Drug
Enforcement Administration spokesman Joe Kilmer said agency lawyers would
have to review the ruling before he could comment.

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Hello fellow addicts!
I am reading a work of fiction by John Grisham titled King of Torts.
The storyline so far is about a miraculous new drug to treat opiate and
cocaine addicts called Tarvan. The medication seemed to work so well but
after you are on it awhile it causes you to murder without any provocation
at all!
I had to take my father to Emergency Room at midnight last night and he was
not released until 7 this morning so I had plenty of time to read!
I did not finish the book though! And even if I did I wouldn't want to give
it all away!
Peace and hoping you all have a great weekend!

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