[ibogaine] Iboga Foundation deleted

Marko Resinovic marko at mindvox.com
Thu Jan 22 09:11:31 EST 2004

I received several private questions, basically, what are my other E-mail
addresses... I'd like to answer to everybody at once ;-))
And sorry, I forgot <sigh>

So, this is THE adresse I'm using lately ;-)

And another one, for those interested exclusively in IBO HCl and the
Sacrament of Transition, can be found at

Iboga Foundation is gone, but Sacrament of Transition lives on and
fortifies. VIVA RELIGIA!!
And with a bit of luck, our on-line temple will be
finished...eee....soon...?...eee....prolly next month....or perhaps next
year....or next decade...?...I dunno, sometime in the future....it's
mainly in God's <ooups!> hands...


On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, IBOGA Foundation wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd just like to notify you that I had to delete Iboga Foundation on
> December 31, 2003.
> After almost 10 years of work, we ran out of institutions to talk to, as
> well as out of money.
> Sad but true.
> At the moment, legal processes to erase the Foundation are going on.
> When they will be finished and someone at ARNES (provider of this E-mail
> account) realises that there's no more need (or no more legal reason) for
> this account, they'll delete it. Permanently. And nobody knows when this
> will happen...
> If anyone needs me, please use my other E-mail addresses. Thank you.
> Marko

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