Thoughts on the coming 'discovery' of Bin Laden: the best propaganda a campaign can buy

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>Eric A. Smith
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>--The Best Propaganda Money can Buy
>Unless preparations are made for its eventuality, the announcement
>of Bin Laden's capture will be the death-knell for the 2004 Democratic
>campaign. And, like the "heroic rescue" of Jessica Lynch or the toppling
>of Hussein's statue by "jubilant throngs" of Iraqis, it needn't even
>be real:

>So Democrats must have a pre-emptive strategy in place; the most
>obvious being, early in the game, to accuse the White House of sitting
>on Bin Laden for political gain. 
>A better one is to launch an independent investigation to find Bin
>Laden first and announce the discovery before Rove's political operatives;
>this would be a huge coup.
>In case you haven't been paying attention, this election year, Republicans
>are playing a deadly game of attrition -- death by a thousand tiny
>cuts, so to speak: extreme gerrymandering in Texas, the recall of
>a governor in California, the installation of inauditable, easily
>"preprogrammed" DRE e-vote machines in as many counties as will allow
>them to be stuffed down their throats, relentless and bloody character
>assassinations in a bought-and-paid-for Murdoch-dominated media empire,

> absentee ballots counted by an untouchable firm in Kuwait, stacked
>courts ready to deliver decisions for which 2000's Gore vs. Bush
>set the precedent.
>The odds look dire for Democrats (and, by extension, the majority
>of Americans, though they are as yet blissfully unaware of the slender
>thread from which all our liberties hang). 
>But, in case you haven't connected the dots, this time the GOP is
>playing for keeps. 
>Once the fix is in, there will be no turning back: by an invisible,
> carefully planned coup, the neoconservatives will have transformed
>America into an autocracy, and any remaining political opposition
>will be window dressing.
>And so, I challenge you: this is a battle we perhaps cannot win,
> but, at all costs, MUST NOT LOSE.
>The consequences of surrender will be incalculable: one by one,
>like dominos, institutions we cherish will fall -- environmental
>laws, social security, independent media, healthy advocacy groups,
> assistance for the unemployed, impoverished and disenfranchised
> -- and, foremost, the right to choose our leaders.
>We will be left with one remaining liberty: the right to choose
>which products to buy to keep the militaristic money machine well-
>oiled, and its minders well-heeled.
>INCESSANTLY -- the dream our forefathers nurtured to life will die.
>Don't let the dream die.
>Stand up and fight for America.
>Stand up and fight for the vote.
>This will be your last chance.
>Eric A. Smith
>About the author:
>Eric A. Smith is a freelance journalist, editor and IT instructor
>living in Tokyo, Japan. An activist for over 25 years, he has worked
>with such diverse publications as the RTP Beacon, Common Ground and
>Adbusters magazine. 
>Smith is currently volunteering to assist Bev Harris of,

> Attorney Philip Berg in 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani's RICO suit against
>Bush, et al, and is a charter member of the Open Voting Consortium.
>Smith earned his BA at the University of North Carolina in 1992,
> and holds MCP, field service technician, A+ and Network+ certifications
>from Microsoft, COMPTIA and the Control Data Institute.
>He can be reached for comment at 81-03-3959-5371 or snowdog at

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