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Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 01:34:31 EST 2004

To ask a question that I wonder about sometimes with
what some of you are doing in particular with
methadone. I read a few times that patrick was on 200
and then doing xanax and 2 or 3 grams of heroin over
that every day and I thought that was insane, you said
you were on 180, marc posted how he is detoxing
someone from methadone who was on 400? (sorry if I got
the exact number wrong marc I am not reading my
ibogaine folder i'm only remembering it). Then this
person is on 610mg of methadone?????

In some ways maybe I am naive and its reaching the
stage where it would not shock me for someone to speak
up in the future and say they are on 1200mg or 2000mg
of methadone and I guess if you keep raising your
tolerence it is possible but my question is why do any
of you do this??? Do any of you even feel heroin when
you are on 180 or 200, I know you can't feel it when
you're on 610 or am I wrong? 

Why do you keep going up until you are at such a huge
dose? Do you keep using at the lower doses or not feel
good and then somewhere at some humongous dose level
it gets better for you? Does anyone really need 610mg
of methadone to feel normal or even 400, 200. I was on
80 and that was a lot. Is there really a difference
for you between 400mg and 610?

Why keep going up and up when you know that after a
while you're not even going to feel it anymore and
then you will be on that dose of methadone. I think
most states wont even go over 100mg in most cases,
where is it that all of you are doing methadone
maintennce that they keep letting you escalate? 

Please understand im not in any way judging anyone i'm
only wanting to understand why any of you did this to
yourselves. I know how addiction works but I still
have a hard time understanding numbers like 200mg,
400mg, 600mg. I really do keep waiting for someone to
show up and say 'i'm on 2000mg of methadone, will
ibogaine work for me?' will it work for them?

no matter what I always find a lot of hope here. Jolly
ho and further is right :-) 

Carla B

--- Schmoolyboy at aol.com wrote:
> I guess you are at Shindermans clinic in Chicago. I
> have used Ibo to detox a 
> femal with brittle diabetis . She was on 475 mgs
> meth for 5 years and did 
> well. Of course , the protocol was tweeked to meet
> her specific needs and she was 
> very motivatred and did a lot of work for her
> recovery post Ibo. She is clean 
> one year later.
> Yes it can be done , but please find caring people
> who have experience with 
> high dose chronic opiod patients. G-D bless you and
> good luck. I'm sure Howard 
> can put you in the right direction to find good
> people to accomplishn this 
> goal with you. Not easy but yes... doable. Keep the
> faith . I was on 180 meth for 
> 10 years and detoxed to zero over 8 months ans it
> was hard but 9 years later 
> I am clean and feel well . It initially took me
> another 4 months to get 
> through it and it was hard . But if you really want
> it and have a good support 
> network .. It can be done. Jolly ho and further

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