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I guess you are at Shindermans clinic in Chicago. I have used Ibo to detox a 
femal with brittle diabetis . She was on 475 mgs meth for 5 years and did 
well. Of course , the protocol was tweeked to meet her specific needs and she was 
very motivatred and did a lot of work for her recovery post Ibo. She is clean 
one year later.

Yes it can be done , but please find caring people who have experience with 
high dose chronic opiod patients. G-D bless you and good luck. I'm sure Howard 
can put you in the right direction to find good people to accomplishn this 
goal with you. Not easy but yes... doable. Keep the faith . I was on 180 meth for 
10 years and detoxed to zero over 8 months ans it was hard but 9 years later 
I am clean and feel well . It initially took me another 4 months to get 
through it and it was hard . But if you really want it and have a good support 
network .. It can be done. Jolly ho and further
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