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In a message dated 1/12/04 4:38:25 PM, brad.fisher at guaranty.com writes:

>I read your note to Callie, I am on 650 mg of Methadone,have been 5 years,
>I've talked (Internet)
>to people who think I am on much to high of a dose to consider Ibogaine,
>another who feels Ibogaine most certainly would be beneficial, at least
>help bring my dose lower. More than one session ultimately would be best.
>You mentioned others on (huge) doses and that prompted this inquiry. What
>your thought on my (chances)

Because your dose of methadone is 650mg the procedure will be experimental 
more than most.  You will also have the opportunity to determine if you want to 
come off of methadone or drop your dose and/or simply feel more comfortable as 
a methadone patient.  Of course how you approach is will have to be a 
decision between yourself and the provider who treats you.  Basically, it will be a 
dose and see protocol. 


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