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Hi Carla B
I read your note to Callie, I am on 650 mg of Methadone,have been 5 years,
I've talked (Internet)
to people who think I am on much to high of a dose to consider Ibogaine, and
another who feels Ibogaine most certainly would be beneficial, at least to
help bring my dose lower. More than one session ultimately would be best.
You mentioned others on (huge) doses and that prompted this inquiry. What is
your thought on my (chances)
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Hi Callie, I wasn't on a huge dose like some people on
this list, I was at 80mg. I've been on mmt for a
little over 3 years, it was my second time on
methadone maintenence. I was on heroin for almost 6
years, I've been mostly clean for 2 years now, not
counting mostly ;-) I've been off all opiates for 12
months now, I'm not on any other medication and yes I
do smoke pot ;-) I took ibogaine 3 times in total,
each time I lasted a little longer until this last
time where I kept lasting :-) :-) :-)

Carla B

--- CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:
> Carla, I am not Joseph but I have a question or two.
> How much Methadone were you on and for how long. How
> many Ibogaine sessions
> did it take. If you don't mind, are you using
> opiates now. If so, how much. Do
> you smoke weed regularly?
> Thanks in advance, Callie

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