[ibogaine] -Laurent- Re: [ibogaine] rootbark & homemadeextract

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 8 07:19:31 EST 2004

Yes Sarah I do agree with you

There is quiet difference to do experience of wine for example where it
grows or where people will give you the knowledge about wine
year, how it grows, etc why 1987 is better than 1985).
There is quiet difference if you take coca leaf in Peru and taking
in city.
It's the same for iboga&bwiti.
Shamanism is not an easy, soft, and funny experience.
Do you think that to be a pilote of spaceship you doesn't need a hard
during years?
If iboga taste is nasty it is like that. You must go throught. Do yoy
with should put some sugar in it?
Just women put some palm wine with iboga in Gabon.

You can try direct in the ass( I'm not joking, people tried), it goes
directly from ass to your brain.You have an direct access to vision.It
directly trought the vertebral colonn. I didn't try.


Dear Mr.Laurent.

Doing an enema works very well indeed. I have seen at an exposition of
old African ceremony tools that they used a tool which has a long tube,
where another person blows the herb into the initiate ass.
That is much easier way for people who have stomach problems.


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