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> Hi Adam,
> Put another way, I understand that in a Bwiti initiation there
> is a lot going on, someone said it's like a whole village,
> each with a different role, working to enable your rebirth.
> It is claimed that this activity works with the iboga.

> Given the amount of intention involved (for example the harp
> player is said to be actually married to his instrument in a
> formal ceremony), I bet it is impossible to fathom what is being
> done and why in one visit.

Hi Bill,

That is one bet you would loose.

It is like a whole village, unless it's not.
Everyone plays a role, but most play the role of attendees, just as
any congregation, except there's almost no sitting down...

And just like churches, mosques and synagogues everwhere,
they may be running a full-house with top-billings or getting by on
a meager turn-out.

And all this does not matter in the least.

Btw, I'll add a small jpg to this email, which you and others may find
That's St. Michael, not Jesus, savior and patron of iboga, but this is not
true for all Bwitis.

I would have agreed with you, from my arrival there till a little into my
initiation, that I
am not in a position to understand nor assess anything I was witnessing, let
alone all
things Bwiti.

But once you take iboga, you wake-up to your higher self,
and you *know*;  you flicked on a floodlight in a dark-room.

And the one thing you can take to the bank is that the whole ceremony is
just a show...

No offense intended, and it's a great show... but I've been backstage.

This show comes with a programme, and I'm not using this word
lightly. According to my dic', 'programme' means, among
other things-

1) A system of projects or services intended to meet a public need
2) A performance (or series of performances) at a public presentation
3) A series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished

And yes this programme serves the bwiti initiates, and the continuity
of the bwiti tradition, culture and way of life. But you and westerners in
general would be in for a rude awakening. Because....

The programme is to make your immediate surroundings a living hell and
they are very, very accomplished in that respect. Because  the iboga, for
initiate, is intended strictly for 'voyaging' and the best way they can send
off is to freak you right out of yourself... It's all part of the show...

It starts with painting you red, then the 2 wreaths that crisscross your
chest like
ammo-belts and the crown one. Once you lie down, (on your right side only,
the next 3 days) the crushing of the wreaths releases this awful,
nauseating, fragrance
that just torments the hell out of you.

They also burn bouquets of the same stuff from the other side of the wall,
and the wall
doesn't reach the floor, see, in fact, there's almost a foot missing at the
bottom, right by
our heads, and a little further in, another embankment, maybe 3 feet high..
so while you
can't see anything, every once in a while, they smoke a bouquet in this
space, and this
too just overwhelms you...

It gets better... the music.. yes, there was the harpsichord, but also a
dozen wood logs for
drums, and most were not the hollow cool-sounding ones; the cacophony is
literally intended
to crack open your head...

And then you tune-in to this alluring and seductive melody..

Until you snap out in shock- how the hell did I listened to that thru all
the racket? How can I
know/follow the harp player around in the other room, with or without the
racket? How can
I even tell that he's playing it very gently, almost too softly for normal
hearing conditions?

The answer is 'assemblage point', which is sort of the focal point of your
And in our daily lives, we are too attached to, and identified with, our own
physical bodies
to let our 'assemblage point' go wandering about... Just knowing about this
can go a very long
way on your next ibo trip... (For more info on the 'assemblage point', I
recommend Jon Whale's
'The Catalyst of Power'...)

Here's another personal example.. I'm lying on my side, supporting my head
in an upright position
with my forearm, and there's this little bug crawling on the floor next to
me... I'm checking him out..
not fascinated by it, just observing him, but in doing so I'm zooming in,
easily, and checking him out
some more, and now he's occupying most of my field of vison, as though he
was the size of a tank,
and then the size of a macy-parade balloon-character, and I'm checking out
his under-side!!!
-"whoooaa" is right, I snap out and realize, I never 'physically' moved an

I attended a 10-day vipassana retreat (meditation) a year ago, where they
teach you to focus your 'self'
or 'assemblage point' on this one tiny spot just underneath the nose,
between the nostrils and to shrink
that spot so that your 'presence' occupies less and less space...
With practice, you can experience/merge with a single cell, in its entirety,
access the dna, or go further
and experience quantum reality... Until less than a century ago, no western
scholar could make heads
or tails from eastern esoteric writings; we had to first discover quantum
physics for ourselves...
And there I was, knowing that this was something that I actually experienced
in africa; I knew,
intimately, parts of my body, anywhere I chose to roam-scan-know, and I knew
that I would never manage
to put any of it into words-- like Neo in the first Matrix, I was
'mouthless'... I didn't know, though, that I
could go even beyond the spot/area on my body... now I'm aware of this
potentiality and so are you.

So you could attend, in theory, a great, authentic, bwiti initiation, or a
lousy one, with an abbe
who rummages thru your bags and where money and valuables disappear, where
abbe's father molests 7 year old girls, where people bare naked aggression
in hourly matches of
bravura and where a whole lot of shit just goes on and on for the pettiest
of reasons..

And you know what, it makes no difference, because you are going to take
iboga and flick the light
on, you're going to go backstage and laugh at that old 'you' that set out to
meet noble, enlightened
spiritual tribesmen and ended up in an african hillbillia, and even then,
you're going to see yourself
in them- maybe be lucky enough to turn around to glance at the initiate next
to you, who happens
to be the trembling, bug-eyed 8 year old daughter of the abbe and
connect/download/merge with
her... even if just for a few secs... you'd loose the bet, Bill, because iboga would not be iboga, if it
required anything, other
than you stepping up to the plate....

That's not to say I advocate taking iboga without a guide... But we need
western guides for
western initiates... we won't approach the cultural heritage of the bwiti,
but we've got to start

Many thanks on the Pygmy music link/info, I'd love to get my hands on more
for my upcoming

Adam Gur

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