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>> I know that initiation is a one-time deal, and unless one
>> has voyaged to the land of the ancestors, one has failed and
>> will never be 'banzi'. Other than that, iboga is really an annual,
>> ten-day religious ceremony where the congregation only sips
>> minute amounts of 'automatique', the iboga brew...
>Can anyone else confirm this? Do Ngangas and musicians go through 
>anything further than the initiation? I have heard that some people
>(civilians as it were) do the larger doses on a more ongoing basis.

I can't confirm it by first person observation but, everything I have been 
told or read indicates individuals may take high doses of iboga on more than one 
occasion.  The Bwiti initiation may be distinct from other high dose use.  I 
would like Laurent to comment on this but, from his photographic exhibit <
http://ibogaine.org/ehoumou19.html> as it seems Ehoumou conducts Bwiti initiations 
that he is using high or mid dose iboga on these occasions for medical 
consultations.  It is common knowledge that low doses are used for remembrance and 
stimulant purposes by chapel members during Bwiti initiations and possibly 
other Bwiti rites.  There are reports of Bwiti and possibly others taking high 
doses of iboga on more than one occasion for various reasons other than Bwiti 
initiations, principally for healing purposes it appears. But, the exact doses 
used are not given and doses vary from individual to individual.  As to the 
annual aspect of the rites, some rites are annual and others are when necessary or 
indicated.  Sazy's photographs show both but, let's hear from Laurent on 
this. http://www.ibogaine.org/sazy.html


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